Frequently Asked Questions

...or things I would want answers to, anyway.

You have specific ingredients at home, I have specific recipes on this website. Start selecting your ingredients one-by-one using the filters, and I’ll show you the recipes on this website that match your ingredients. 

You have some mangoes and milk at home? Select those two ingredients on the filters and see what type of smoothie you can prepare!

The filters are automatic. There’s no “apply” button other than on the homepage– once you select an ingredient, the list will automatically update. 

I’m still working on adding more recipes for you. If you see only a few recipes that match your ingredients, or none at all, that’s because I currently don’t have any recipe on the website that matches all of the ingredients you selected.

The purpose of Choose My Smoothie was to minimise your confusion when it came to finding smoothie recipes! Until then, try deselecting one or two of the ingredients you chose, for more options.

This works as one! If you’re an Android user, you should be able to see the “Add Smoothie to Home screen” option on the bottom of your screen.

If you’re an iOS user, simply tap on the share button on the bottom of Safari, and scroll down to “Add to Home Screen“. 

There are several recipes where you’ll see “milk”, “yogurt”, a specific juice flavour, and so on. Please note that these items are replaceable.

I have sourced these recipes from various websites that cater to several different needs, but you do not have to follow them to the T. If you see a recipe you like but it has “whole milk” and you need dairy-free items, simply replace it with another kind! Replace whole milk for almond, or soy milk; strawberry yogurt for vanilla yogurt, and the same concept for juices and protein powders.

Further more, if you don’t have one or two ingredients from the list, don’t worry about it. Smoothie making should be a fun activity, not a time consuming one. Your ingredients, your recipe, have fun with it!

Scroll down! I couldn’t place filters on the left and smoothies on the right like on your computers, because it would look too crammed up. 

Once you select filters on your smartphones, the smoothie recipes will update once you scroll down.

P.S. If you don’t see any smoothie after scrolling down, I probably don’t have a recipe for you yet; try removing an ingredient or two.

No. Irrespective of how many servings the recipe makes, every box of nutritional facts (calories, protein, fat..) is per one serving.

Nope, not in the slightest. I’ve added the source of where I’ve gotten these recipes from, on the respective recipe page. I take 0 credit for any of these amazing smoothies. All I did was find a way for you to filter for specific ingredients and get to your end-result faster.

Absolutely! Just make sure you include everything I have included (big image, title, nutrition facts, directions, and so on).

Absofruitly! Choose My Smoothie would be a great place to promote your smoothie-related ingredient. Same goes for if you’re a smoothie company that would like to promote your recipes and/or brand itself.