Man holding fruits

I am a very simply man, with a very simple grocery list. 

I buy specific fruits, specific vegetables, and expect to make specific smoothies. 

But nothing ruins smoothie-making for me more than looking for smoothie recipes online. Go ahead, try it! Look for a simple smoothie recipe, and see how every author out there writes an essay on their smoothie making experience. 

Looking up recipes shouldn’t take longer than preparing the smoothie itself. I personally don’t care to read for 7 minutes before knowing what ingredients were used. 

Simple man, simple grocery list, simple experience.

Animated book with images

In a world with hundreds of smoothie recipes, and even more ingredients, I wanted to make something where I could use filters to narrow down my recipe options and find out exactly what I need:

Ingredients. Directions. Nutrition Facts.

Nothing else. No 1000 word article on why you created the smoothie or what your goals are in life. And this is how Choose My Smoothie was born.

I’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions page that might address any questions you may have as far as how to use this platform. If you can’t find the smoothie you’re looking for, don’t worry for now– I’m still working on finding more recipes for you. But until then, feel free to try the smoothies on display so far!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or simply want to get in touch with me, feel free to shoot me an email any time. 

Animated book with images